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Hotsos Profiler

Oracle Optimization has never been so easy!

p5-icon.gif  Hotsos P5 Brochure (PDF)

Why You Need the Hotsos Profiler

Computers don’t have performance problems; people do. To maximize the impact of performance improvements to your business, you need to view performance from the user’s perspective.

One of the most difficult tasks facing system performance analysts is to answer the seemingly simple question, “What’s taking so long?” Hotsos Profiler brings you the answer within two mouse clicks, for any Oracle-related performance problem.
No other tool makes you as efficient.

When You Need the Hotsos Profiler

In addition to setting a new standard for quickly identifying the root cause of a performance problem, P5 produces performance data that you can store and manipulate later. The P5 Profiler makes it much easier for you to perform important tasks like these:

Application optimization
If it is SQL that’s causing your performance problems, then which SQL is it? If it’s not SQL—and in a growing number of cases these days, it’s not—then exactly where in your application code path is the root of your problem?

Performance problem diagnosis
P5 eliminates the guesswork from the problem diagnosis phase of a performance improvement project by showing you exactly where your system is spending its time.

How it Works

Hotsos Profiler automates the most complicated task in the efficient performance diagnostic method described in Optimizing Oracle Performance: converting the extremely detailed chronological record of a user action’s response time consumption into a format that is easy for you to use.

How We’re Different

Uncompromising dedication to complete response time accounting

The Hotsos Profiler shows you where all your user’s response time went, even when your time was consumed in application tiers other than the database. The drill-down capability assures that you always know the cause in the application of every moment of response time that application consumes.

Complete, intuitive representation of data skew

Is your average duration high for a certain event? With the Hotsos Profiler, you always know whether you’re dealing with skewed data and exactly what difference it makes if you are.

Complete accounting of recursive SQL relationships

Often times, recursive SQL is the cause of a performance problem. When it is, you need to know the relationship that the recursive statements have to your application code. The Hotsos Profiler presents this information clearly and accurately.

Proper aggregation of shareable SQL

Applications that don’t use bind variables are particularly troublesome to diagnose with traditional tools, where one bind variable mistake can show up in your output as twenty thousand distinct problems. Hotsos Profiler will show the issue as a single problem with its true impact. No other software does this.

Methodical two-step solution path to any problem

Traditional methods and tools require world-class intuition along with dozens of tools and scripts to diagnose all the potential problems that Oracle systems can have. With the Profiler, the two-step diagnosis sequence is always the same, no matter what the problem.

The Hotsos Profiler is the first tool for Oracle that doesn’t require you to guess what your problem might be before you can fix it.

How to Download and Install Profiler

To view the short instructional videos for downloading and installing Profiler, please go to the Profiler Download and Installation Videos page.

Discussion Groups

Have a question about the Hotsos Profiler? Chances are good that your question has already been answered. Hotsos discussion groups are your gateway for asking product usage questions, proposing new features, and inquiring about the Hotsos Profiler.

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