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Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Seminar with Tanel Poder


The objectives for this seminar include:
  • Understanding the internals of core Oracle kernel components and their interaction with the operating system
  • Becoming proficient in systematic end-to-end troubleshooting, using the right tool for the right problem
  • Proactively eliminating potential database performance issues

Target Audience

The target audience is database administrators and performance engineers.


This seminar requires a good understanding of general Oracle database architecture and operating system commands.


This seminar is concentrated entirely on Oracle troubleshooting - understanding what exactly is Oracle doing right now or what was it doing when the problem occurred. You will gain the skill to systematically work out the reasons for crashes, hangs, bad performance or other misbehavior.

The seminar takes a holistic approach for end-to-end troubleshooting. It will explain the full life cycle of a database request, from database client libraries and network to Oracle database kernel and underlying OS. For each layer a troubleshooting technique is provided, along with advice on using the right tool for the right problem at the right time.

The three days are full of intensive learning, reading dumps, stack traces, network packet captures and Oracle SGA directly. You’ll be using debuggers and custom tools provided to you for real-time and post-mortem diagnosis.

The emphasis is put on practical troubleshooting, the safety comes first and many techniques are designed to require no change to database schemas or instance parameters.

Instructional Format

This seminar is a three-day event with lots of demos.  For students that would like to try the scripts and tools on breaks or at lunch, please bring a laptop with Oracle 9.2 through 11.1 installed and working.


Bring your laptop with Oracle installed if you want to try out the scripts and tools during breaks.  However, there will not be practice exercises.  The version of Oracle installed does not matter.  Most of Tanel's scripts are compatible from Oracle 9.2 to 11g.

Scripts and tools may be downloaded from


  • List Price: $1875.00


There are no upcoming schedules for this event

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