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Symposium 2007 Speakers

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Symposium Attendees Only - Presentation Materials for Download

Andrew ZitelliExtending Method R Beyond Oracle
Anjo KolkHow the Middle Tier is Slowing Down the Database
Bob SneedScaling RAC/Grid Solutions
Cary MillsapQuestioning Method R
Why You Can't See Your Real Performance Problems
Christian AntogniniScalability with Oracle RAC for DWH Applications
Craig GlendenningMethod R, Step 2 for the Web
Dan TowGetting SQL Performance Right the First Try
Doug BurnsParallel Execution Time Profiles
Eric JenkinsonAverage DBA + 10046 Tracing = Astounding Results: 3 Case Studies
Ignatius FernandezSQL Sucks!
James MorleBrewing Benchmarks
Jarod JensenDTrace with Method R
Jonathan LewisOptimisation through Understanding
Interpreting Statspack Reports
Joze SenegacnikTuning with SQL Profiles
Julian DykeFurther Inside RAC
Larry KleinWe Have Met the Enemy and it is Us: Optimizing People and Processes to Optimize Performance
Mark WilliamsOracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) Performance Tips and Techniques
Neil GuntherGuerrilla Scalability: How to Do Virtual Load Testing
Piet de VisserHigh-Availability: How to Keep it Simple
Riyaj ShamsudeenPerformance Tuning Using SQL New Features
Stephan HaisleyOptimizations in Redo and Undo Generation
Steven FeuersteinDo the Fast Thing--Key PL/SQL Optimization Techniques
Tanel P├ÁderFine Grained Hard Parsing Controlling Bind Variable Peeking Using DBMS_RLS
Performance and Scalability Improvements in Oracle 10g and 11g
Ted CoyleGood Machine Bad, Bad Machine Good: When More != Faster
Terry SuttonTracing Individual Users in Connection-Pooled Environments with Oracle 10g
Toon KoppelaarsBuilding Scalable Web Application, Part 1: Your Architectural Choices
Building Scalable Web Application, Part 2: The Database Centric Way
Wolfgang BreitlingJoins, Skew, and Histograms
Andy RivenesOracle Workload Characterization

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