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Hotsos Products

Hotsos Product Line

The Hotsos product line includes the following best-in-class software:

  • HAWCS - Hotsos Application Workload Characterization Solution (HAWCS) will show the measure of efficiency of your Oracle eBusiness Suite for any day in time. Stored HAWCS performance information makes it easy for you to identify wasteful workload and improve system performance.  HAWCS also eliminates the guesswork from the problem diagnosis phase of a performance improvement project by showing you how users, workload and performance are relate.
  • Laredo — Find performance problems before your users do. Laredo helps software developers and database administrators keep changes from accidentally ruining system performance. You should never create or drop an index, change an instance parameter, or even gather statistics without using Laredo.

How We're Different

Many current Oracle tuning tools automate inefficient performance tracking methods. In other words, they let you do it wrong even faster. The key difference with the Hotsos suite of tools is that they are based on a much better method which lets you truly solve your performance problems.

Our products let you approach the problem efficiently, from the business user's point of view. After all, that is ultimately who needs things to run faster. Our tools can also help you predict the impact of changes to the system on that business user's process, allowing you to accurately prepare users for the upcoming changes.

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